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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With Alphera it has never been easier to finance the car of your dreams. But if you still have questions - the answers are here.

What is the fundamental difference between Hire Purchase and Finance Lease?

When a customer finances a vehicle by hire-purchase, they decide to own it. At the end of the term of the contract, the vehicle belongs to them. Various types of contracts are available which allow the financing to be tailored to the customer’s needs. The down payment, term of the contract, amount of the regular monthly payments and various alternatives for making any final payment can be individually defined.

When a customer finances by leasing terms, only a small down payment is required. As that is a kind of finance lease, registration owner of the vehicle is under customer’s name.

What benefits will I have if I finance my vehicle with your Financial Services?

The customers of ALPHERA Financial Services benefit from offers that can be tailored both to the vehicle and their personal budget. In addition the vehicle and finance come from one source - the know-how and the advice are right. Any you save time and trips! The very favorable terms and the consumer-friendly Standard Terms and Conditions of Business likewise contribute to your being very well-advised with ALPHERA Financial Services.


You have found the car of your dreams - here you can find the way to finance it.

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